Saint Michael roman catholic church


Sixth Sunday of Easter_________________________________________ May 20th & 21st, 2017                                Saturday, May 20th through Sunday, May 28th

SATURDAY:            4PM — Ralph Winter – int. Karen Fraser

SUNDAY:                 8AM — Donald Damian – int. Bob Archdeacon

                            10:30AM — The Parishioners of St. Michael Parish

MONDAY:             NO MASS

TUESDAY:          5:15PM — Victoria Watterlund – int. Fr. Justin

WEDNESDAY:   7:30AM — Lorraine Vaughan – int. John Vaughan

WEDNESDAY:         6PM — Marcia Mears – int. Carusona Family

THURSDAY:       8:45AM — Mary Savage – int. Terry Mollo

(Holy Day of Obligation)       12PM — The Parishioners of St. Michael Parish

FRIDAY:              7:30AM — Souls in Purgatory

SATURDAY               4PM  — Miles Zuverino – int. His Family

SUNDAY:                  8AM — The Parishioners of St. Michael Parish

                           10:30AM — Peter Malavenda – int. John Bartis

Sanctuary Lamp is lit this week In Memory of Tanya Ziter Beebe

Blessed Virgin Mary Candle is lit this week In Memory of Wendi Mackin


Daily Mass Schedule

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